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Home Care

This Is The Core Service Of Helderberg Hospice

All patients accepted into our home care programme must be formally referred by their doctor or clinic. Referral forms are available from the referring doctor or by contacting Helderberg Hospice.  It is important that all three forms are completed and sent to us, i.e. A medical referral from a medical Doctor, Patient information by the patient or their family and a Consent form by the patient.

The home care is provided by professional palliative care nursing sisters and supported by social workers and volunteers.
Working closely with the patient and family, the hospice team develops a Care plan for the patient’s well-being, pain management and symptom control.
The plan outlines the response to areas of concern that are raised in discussions and is regularly updated to ensure high quality comfort and care throughout.
A member of the hospice team makes regular visits to assess the patient’s condition and provide additional care or other services.
In addition, a professional palliative care nursing sister is contactable by telephone at any time. The patient’s own doctor is contracted for medical input and advice. All state patients referred to us are cared for under the medical guidance of our volunteer palliative care doctors.

What if I need a full-time nurse?

Sometimes a patient requires additional 24-hour continuous nursing care at home. In these cases, we network with local nursing agencies to facilitate this. Good working relationships are maintained with all facility-care establishments and our social workers are experienced in facilitating future planning for care.

What do we need?

Patient’s Pantry – List available
Maintenance of cars
Cell phone costs

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