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Tree of Lights

Let your love sparkle on in remembrance of your loved ones

Sadly, dealing with the loss of a precious loved one is a challenge that we will all experience during our lifetime. This is one of the most painful and traumatic events we will ever undergo, and healing from the grief is a long and heart rending process.

We at Helderberg Hospice understand and respect the need to remember and to pay tribute to those we have lost, whether it be a family member, friend, pet or colleague. We invite you to place a lasting tribute to your loved one by purchasing a virtual light, accompanied by your own personalized message, which will shine on our Tree of Lights page on our website eternally. This is a permanent and memorable way of honouring and celebrating their life, and all funds raised sustain our special care to those in the Helderberg Community who are faced with a life-threatening illness.

Purchase a virtual light in memory or in honour of a loved one, colleague or pet

Helderberg Hospice is grateful for your support.

We’re all connected in our humanity both in our immediate and our larger community. None of us is an ‘island’, and we’re here to help and support one another and we are grateful for the support we receive from all sectors of our community.

Sometimes in life each one of us will be touched by knowing someone who is facing a life-threatening illness. This makes it very personal – and is the reason why we encourage our community to ‘Know us before you need us.’

Someone who is near and dear could be in need of Hospice care – and what better place to have that care immediately available than in our Helderberg community.

Whilst we welcome your much needed donations, we also welcome you. Our door is always open to visitors, including anyone just wanting to know more about palliative care, and how hospice operates. Knowledge is power.

The major reason is that we promote ‘life’. When anyone is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, every day is important – to be lived to the full, and wherever possible, free from distressing symptoms. ‘Quality of life’ is a precious gift for patients and their loved ones. That gift is in your hands to give with our involvement.