+27(0)21 852 4608 | Helderberg Hospice, 21 Old Stellenbosch Road, Somerset West

+27(0)21 852 4608 | Helderberg Hospice, 21 Old Stellenbosch Road, Somerset West


Helderberg Hospice welcomes the involvement of volunteers. A very active group of concerned community members has become essential to our being able to provide our much-needed services.

You can make a difference

Find out more about volunteering and contact Helderberg Hospice.

You will meet the volunteer co-ordinator, who will explain the procedure. You will be requested to attend an orientation meeting and complete an application form. The information meeting briefly covers all the services and aspects of Helderberg Hospice and will give you a compact overview of the organization.
There are two types of volunteers: enablers – volunteers who do not have direct contact with patients; and caregivers – who do. Caregivers are trained further in palliative care. If you prefer to be an enabler, you will be trained to assist in specific areas needed.  As volunteer you can assist with:

  • Patient and family care:
    Care-giving, counselling, bereavement, nursing, day hospice, spiritual, social work, therapies
  • Practical help for patients:
    Transport of patients, hair cutting, nail care, shopping, supplying eats for support group meetings
  • General services:
    Reception, maintenance, gardening, meal collection, administration, crafts, art, music, flower arranging, needle work, language skills, shopping, writing
  • Fundraising:
    Various activities include Helderberg Hospice shops, catering, street collections, card recycling and events such as Carols by Candlelight