Mandela Day 2022

A very special project is being planned for the courtyard area of our 24-hour Support Centre, where patients are admitted for 24-hour intensive palliative care.

We have an existing pond and surrounding area which requires renovation. Once completed, this lovely setting will create a tranquil, peaceful space for our patients and their families as well as our staff and volunteers to enjoy.

We invite anyone who hasn’t planned their Mandela Day contribution as yet, and who enjoys working outdoors, to please come and assisting us with various tasks on the day, such as planting, painting, and varnishing.    

Spend your 67 minutes in a warm and friendly environment, bring a friend, colleagues or your family. Tasks will be fully explained, and everything necessary to carry these out will be supplied, including some energy boosting nibbles! 

We are splitting the volunteers into shifts. All shifts include a refreshment break (these will be provided), and are scheduled to take place as follows:

10h00-11h30   |   11h30-13h00   |   13h00-14h30   |   14h30-16h00 

Join us this Mandela Day to help enhance our 24-hour Support Centre! To book your space, email us on, or call Celéstine on 021 852 4608. Please provide your name, email address and telephone number, as well as which shift would be most convenient for you.

Thank you for your kind support!