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We recently shared Stewart Gordon’s story, and are so privileged to be able to share this special update with you.

As you will remember, Stewart was referred to Helderberg Hospice as a terminal patient due to a serious heart problem. His strength, determination and courage in overcoming the many struggles he has endured throughout his life, have been such an inspiration to everyone he touches including the Helderberg Hospice family.

This gentle man with his huge heart for people nurtured a special wish – to be able to drive or even just be a passenger, on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. With the help of the amazing Reon Swart, Riaan Boshoff (President), and other members of the Iron Skulls Motorcycle Club – Cape Town Chapter, Sonja Botha from Helderberg Hospice set about making Stewart’s dream come true.

After  sourcing the enthusiastic Motorcycle riders, we then had to get consent from Stewart’s doctor, and the legalities had to be taken care of. Finally, 2 ½ weeks ago, the big day arrived!

On a calm and beautiful morning in the Helderberg, the club riders gathered together. We collected an excited Stewart, and after all the enthusiastic introductions were made, Stewart settled into his seat behind Reon. All the riders encircled them, forming a beautiful parade of gleaming warriors who proudly transported their precious cargo with great dignity and reverence.

Along the stunning coastline they rode, through Strand and Gordon’s Bay. Riding slowly and carefully, mindful of any obstructions in the road, the riders turned just after Gordon’s Bay to make their way along the coast to Somerset West again.

A thrilled Stewart could not stop talking about his wonderful experience – the feeling of freedom, the sense of brotherhood, the throb of the powerful motorbikes, and the wonder of the incredible views they shared on the ride.

Helderberg Hospice would like to thank Sonja Botha, Reon Swart, Riaan Boshoff, and members of the Iron Skulls Motorcycle Club – Cape Town Chapter for making Stewart’s dream come true. Having recently celebrated his 65th birthday, this remarkable family man continues to spread hope and love to all those around him.