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Make a once-off contribution
Your donation makes it possible for our special care to be sustained in the Helderberg. As we face the challenge of meeting escalating costs in difficult economic times worldwide, we are increasingly dependent on the goodwill of individuals, service groups, sports clubs, social groups, businesses and the community in general.

There are many ways to be a part of the work of Helderberg Hospice:

  • A cash donation (see our banking details on this page)
  • Donate all your good quality second hand clothing and household goods, which to our three shops for resale.
  • Leave a gift in your will
  • Support our fundraising activities, listed in the corresponding section on the website.
  • If you’d like to make a longer term commitment to support our services, consider becoming a volunteer at Helderberg Hospice or join our Club 1000 to contribute to our home care service.


If you would like to have a representative of Helderberg Hospice visit your organization, school, office or church to give a talk or a power point presentation, Contact Us and we will make the necessary arrangements.


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