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Board of Directors

Martin Lund, Chairman -

"People with life threatening conditions and their loved ones, need thorough, sustained, competent, comprehensive and honest care from skilled and committed multi-disciplined teams. Helderberg Hospice has provided such care for a quarter of a century and is committed to continue and improve its services to its community."


Julian Weil, Legal - 

"I became involved with Hospice as a direct result of the frustration i experienced through not being able to be of great assistance to my father when he contracted, and eventually passed away from cancer in the early 1980's. My mother had to bear the full brunt of his illness and looking after him which had a definitely detrimental effect on her health."


Keith Davies, Finances –

“I got involved because I was asked to – I stayed involved because I realised that Hospice provided a very necessary service to a community that was not really sure it needed it.”

Dr Mark Hosking, Medical –

“Believer in holistic patient centred care”

Sr Thengiwe Khumalo, Nursing –

“Working in a hospital environment where we provide medical and surgical treatment and nursing care for sick or injured people, l decided to join hospice and work hand in hand with them in order to help our patients to complete their journey in life. Most of the time the hospital is too busy or too full to give much needed attention to the patient, family, friends and community, allowing them to spend quality time with their loved ones. Helderburg Hospice provides that time. Hospice is still not well known to most of our communities, and being part of Hospice gives me a chance to bring awareness and to be part of a wonderful organization.”

Bryan Butler, Marketing & Fundraising –

“In the fourteen years that I have been involved in Helderberg Hospice I have yet to hear a negative comment about the organisation.  It is this reputation for competent, sympathetic, yet practical handling of patients and their families that draws me to this wonderful organisation.  I simply want to help in any way that I can.”

Dudley Janeke, Community representative –

“The reason why I chose Helderberg Hospice and why I decided to invest my time and energy in this particular charity, was because of the significant impact it currently has on assisting patients and their families who are going through challenging times in dealing with terminal illnesses. 

I have personally experienced this with my mother being diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999 and subsequently passing away in September 2000. We as a family did not know how to deal with it, but the professional and sensitive services offered by the staff of Helderberg Hospice to my mother and our immediate family helped us through this very difficult time in our lives. I want this experience of support and comfort for every family who is faced with similar situations.”

Ebrahim Rhoda and Amina Rhoda, Community representatives -

“Amina and I cared for both our fathers who were afflicted with cancer and this made us realize that there are many people afflicted with cancer who have no one to care for them.”

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